Stone Wood Resort, Mandrem - North Goa

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Facilities at Stone Wood Resort

Stone Wood Resort offers a myriad of additional services to make your stay at the best resort in Mandrem a true delight! The list includes a well-designed swimming pool, a stable internet connection, security services and much more.

Resort pool with floral wall and villas at Stone Wood Resort, Mandrem

Swimming Pool

The condenser of the AC


Laundry Service at our North Goa resort

Laundry Services

Complimentary Wi-Fi at our North Goa resort  Vagator

Complimentary Internet


Meeting room with seating arrangements at Stone Wood Resort, Mandrem

Meeting Room

Stone Wood Resort Presents Elegant Rooms in Mandrem


Wooden Cottage

A cozy and comfortable bed beneath a wooden ceiling at Stone Wood Resort, Mandrem

Classic Cottage

Cosy bed with stylish interior design and view from the window at Stone Wood Resort, Mandrem

Sea View Cottage


Premium Sea View Cottage

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