Stone Wood Jungle Resort, Dandeli

SH 28, Usoda, Dandeli, Karnataka 581365
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Discover Serenity at
Stone Wood Jungle Resort, Dandeli

Discover tranquillity at Stone Wood Jungle Resort - a serene escape amidst the picturesque landscapes near Dandeli. Our luxury resort in Dandeli offers a fusion of comfort and natural charm. Guests can bask in the soothing presence of nature while enjoying the proximity to Dandeli's rich wildlife. With 31 tastefully appointed suite and cottages, your stay in Dandeli, Karnataka will be imbued with luxury that complements the natural environment. Stone Wood Jungle Resort caters to all - from romantic getaways to peaceful retreats, ensuring a memorable experience for every guest.

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Restful Retreat Surrounded by Nature's Embrace

Escape to a place where luxury intertwines with the scenic beauty of the land at arguably the best resort in Dandeli. Choose from our exclusive Suite or one of the 30 charming Cottage Rooms, each designed to harmonise with the surrounding natural splendour. The accommodations at our resort near Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary offer a peaceful enclave, endowed with modern comforts and the subtle echoes of nature's allure. With amenities that cater to your every need, your stay with us is a journey into the soothing tranquillity that nature affords.

Row of cottages in full view with flowers blooming in front of them - Stone Wood Jungle Resort, Dandeli
seating arrangements inside al fresco Dining with ceiling lights switched on - Stone Wood Jungle Resort, Dandeli

Diverse Flavours at Wooden Cottage

Indulge in a medley of tastes at the Wooden Cottage restaurant, where the robust flavours of Indian cuisine, the finesse of Chinese dishes and the sophistication of Continental offerings come together in a delightful culinary tapestry. Our restaurant offers an open-view setting that extends beyond dining to a visual engagement with the picturesque beauty of the land. Each morsel is a celebration of time-honoured culinary arts, designed to enhance the peaceful backdrop of your dining experience.

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Stone Wood Jungle Resort: Where Luxury & Nature Converge in Dandeli


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Stone Wood Jungle Resort: Where Luxury & Nature Converge in Dandeli

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